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Here at The Eagle’s Rest we are looking forward to another very busy summer on Centennial Lake. 


Policies regarding your cabin or boat rentals.

Please read carefully so everyone can enjoy their fishing vacation.

The Eagle’s Rest Policies & Covid-19 Actions


We are committed to your safety while you are at The Eagle’s Rest for your vacation, and would like to inform you of our regular cleaning procedures as well as a few changes. Please take the time to read all of our policies, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Personal Safety

Please respect everyone’s choice to wear a mask -- we don’t know what another person’s story is. We must continue to keep our physical distance, so please allow 2 metres between you and guests from another unit who are not in your bubble.



We use Spray Nine for all of our cleaning, including fridges, stoves, door handles and all other surfaces. We will provide you with a full bottle of Spray Nine and a roll of paper towel when you arrive. Please leave any remaining supplies in your unit when you depart. Mattress covers on the beds are changed after each check out, and mattress surfaces will be sprayed with Lysol disinfectant spray. Please DO NOT flush paper towel or disinfectant wipes down the toilets.



Maximum capacity limits per Cabin may NOT be exceeded. All guests or visitors on site must be approved.

We have adjusted our check in/out times to allow more time for us to clean and disinfect.

Check in: 4 pm (Early check in may be approved dependent on cleaning schedule)

Check out: 10 am (No Exceptions)

Prior to departing your unit, please continue to wash all dishes with regular dish soap. For our protection, please wipe down taps, door handles, counter tops and the bathroom surfaces with Spray Nine on your way out.


Garbage & Recycling

The trash bin and recycling drop off zone is behind Cabin 3 & 4 toward the road. Place regular household garbage inside the freezer. Please clean the handle of the freezer with the Spray Nine that is on the shelf after depositing your bag. When your blue recycle bin is full, please place it in the trash area and take an empty one. DO NOT SORT YOUR OWN RECYCLING Our Township recycling details are included in your cabin reference book. Each unit is provided with a blue bin for aluminum, glass, plastic and paper. Please do not use black or green bags for your household garbage.



Weekly Bookings:    50% required to confirm a booking and the balance is due upon arrival.

Short Term Bookings:  100% in advance to reserve; minimum two-night stay; minimum three-night stay on long weekends (Victoria Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday, Labour Day).



60 day cancellation policy – no exceptions. (Your deposit will be forfeited if cancellation occurs within 60 days of the beginning of your reservation.) We will defer deposits on hand to a later date in 2022, or a re-booking in 2022 if we are unable to open due to Covid-19.


No cancellations or refunds due to weather.



1 pet per unit – special requests will be given consideration. The renter is responsible for cleaning up after the pet and for any damage caused by the pet (ie/screens in doors, stains, furniture damage). Dogs may not be left unattended in the units at any time. Dogs may use the beach with their owners when other guests are not present.



No music after 11pm.

Campfires after 11pm are fine, but respect should be given to your neighbours.



ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS are allowed on the property as we have a gasoline license that prohibits their use.



Boats are cleaned prior to each rental, and a pre-inspection will take place at the time of the walk through and contract. Boats are rented with a full tank of gas & oil, and the rental fee does NOT include gas & oil used during the rental period. An inspection will occur when the boat is returned and renters are responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental period.


Life Jackets

Please bring your own life jackets for use in rental boats and when using recreational equipment. If you must borrow a life jacket from us for your stay, we will disinfect it with Lysol Spray prior to assigning it for your entire stay. Please do not leave life jackets at the beach area – take them to your cabin when not in use.


Fire Pits

When using the fire pits, please allow plenty of space between you and other guests sharing the area. We will wipe down all of the chairs prior to your check in, and you should use the cleaning supplies provided during your stay to keep them germ free. Some guests may be uncomfortable with the close quarters around the fire pits, so talk with your neighbours and make some compromises so that everyone can get a chance to relax by a campfire.



If you are staying in cabin 3 or 4, please clean up the barbeque area including wiping down the work surface & barbeque handle after each use with Spray Nine. Please do not share utensils.



Please avoid the main boat docking area if there are other guests coming and going from another cabin.

Beach                NO Fishing at the Beach Area

The beach area is open for your enjoyment until 8 pm, and we ask that you respect other guests by physically distancing on the docks and the open area. There could be other guests that are leery of joining another group at the beach, and if this is the case, please limit your time at the water so that everyone can use the area. Speak to others on site and come to a mutually satisfactory agreement. Children MUST be supervised by an adult.


Recreational Equipment

Life jackets are required by law when using kayaks and stand up paddle boards. The fine for noncompliance is $180 and you are responsible for this fine should this occur. If you cannot bring your own life jacket, we will lend you one for your stay. Take life jackets back to your cabin, do not share it with others, and leave it in your unit when you depart. Return all toys/equipment away from the waters edge when you’ve finished having fun. Please wipe down the paddles and chairs that you’ve used prior to leaving the area with the Spray Nine located in the basket at the beach.


Fish Cleaning Shack

Please use the fish cleaning shack only with members of your cabin. When you depart, please spray the counter and taps with the bleach solution provided.

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